The Advantages of Clay Tile Shingles as a Roofing Option

The Advantages of Clay Tile Shingles as a Roofing Option

Clay tile shingles is a kind of roofing that has been around for more than a thousand decades. This is how old this style of roofing has been around. From installation, restoration to gutter replacement, these projects should be undertaken by roofers who have in-depth knowledge. This will ensure that whatever needs to be done on the roof is done professionally and there is a minimized risk of damaging the tiles.

A Lifespan of Over 10 Decades

They are actually known to last longer than many other materials. They have a long lifespan which makes them cost-effective. What enhances their durability is the fact that the clay is fired at high temperatures in a kiln. When a roof can serve you for such a long time, there is every reason to have it installed in your house.

They are Environmentally Friendly

Global warming has hugely affected the environment. The one benefit of clay tile shingles roofing is that it is environmental friendly. This means that it does not have any adverse effect to the environment since it is a natural product. Even in their natural form, it protects the roof against harmful UV rays.

Great Insulating Properties

This is very vital in every home. When the weather is unbearable, clay tiles will make it better. When it’s extremely hot, they will make it cooler and when it’s extremely cold, they will make the weather warmer.

They have Greater Resistant Properties

Clay tile shingles have various resistant properties. They have fire resistant properties; you will not have rot issues, they are able to withstand heavy rains and are not damaged by insects. 

It’s Easy to Meet Your Preferences

Clay tile shingles are not limited to a single color. It’s easy to meet your preferences with the availability of unique styles and different colors to choose from. Manufacturers understand that different people will have difference preferences and that is the reason there is plenty to choose from. Besides the colors and styles, these shingles come in different fittings and finishes. In addition to this, they will fit different styles of constructions.

Why you need a Professional Technician for Your Clay Tile Shingles

Clay tile shingles are both fragile in nature and heavy. The roof of your house has to be strong enough to hold this heavy roofing material. Despite them being easy to replace in case of damage, this is not an advisable DIY project unless you have the expertise required. You will need a professional to repair any part of the roof and inspect it.

If you are looking for a traditional kind of roof that combines the state-of-the-art technology with nature, clay tile shingles is a great option. You can opt for a glazed, natural or englobe finishing. It’s easy to meet your preferences with these versatile shingles. For the experts, it’s easy to restore or replace this roof. All that is needed is extra care since clay tile shingles are fragile.